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Been listening to some Dethklok lately.

12/12/13 by Decimating


Never heard of them? Well, now you have. Can't wait until Metalocalypse comes back with new epsodies.


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Yes, yes I do.

12/16/13 Decimating responds:


Love the show. The music however is meh.

12/15/13 Decimating responds:

One does not simply like Dethklok for the show alone.



I've only listened to one song from these guys. It's called "Bloodlines" or something.
Guitar Hero *cough cough*

12/13/13 Decimating responds:

That's awesome too! \m/

You should check out more of their songs. It's awesome.

ahhh man, did you see the Rock Opera episode? It was epic sauce

12/12/13 Decimating responds:

I did.

Indeed it was. \m/